Pc laptop repair

TAKE ADVANTAGE Pc laptop repair OUR “PICK UP, REPAIR AND DELIVER” SERVICE FREE COLLECTION AND DROP OFF SERVICE FOR ALL NOTTINGHAM CUSTOMERS! LAPTOP REPAIR NOTTINGHAM PC or Laptop need fixing? We can repair any make or model of laptops and devices including: Dell, Toshiba, Packard Bell, Gateway, E machines, Sony Vaio, Apple Notebooks, Fujitsu, Siemens, Rm, Samsung, Acer, HP, Asus, imacs, gaming Consoles, Flat screen TV’s, phones and tablets.

Fixmi can provide a mobile repair service which means we can pick your laptop up from your home and deliver it back to you or we can just repair it there and then! Repairs on 4K OLED, LED’s, LCD’s and Plasma screens. We have reliable part sources that find even the hardest of boards on the market. Gaming Rigs and Custom Build PC’s are at an all time high! We now offer remote support to Nottingham businesses and residential customers.

Low cost apple repairs Dont pay more then you have to just because its an Apple Computer! Macs and Macbooks are great but whenever something goes wrong companies will always try to over charge you. Fixmi will provide you with low quotes and ensure you will never overpay for an apple repair ever again. Dont get ripped off just because it’s an apple! We can repair any make and model of laptops down to compenent level. We provide component level repairs for laptop companies in mansfield and Nottingham – ie DC port repairs, Micro soldering, North Bridge Replacement and GPU reflows. Cut out the middle man and come direct to the source of great laptop repairs!

We offer our unique pick up, repair and deliver service on most of our iphone repairs. New screen replacements, charging issues, wifi and no service faults, volume and lock button stiffness, unlocking, jail breaking, kodi installs all at trade costs. 00 and we only use the very highest of quality on all of our parts. They are QA checked before they leave us to ensure you the customer is happy with the repair. We can replace screens, charging ports, flex cables, retina displays and more. We are always looking to improve our service, if you would like toleave feedback or suggest anything we could do to improve our service then please feel free to email us.