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Our main advantages are therefore a seamless new csc of a platform whereby students can actively participate in the selection of their future place of study. What Is the College Canteen in China Look Like?

A general overview of the cities to help you get an idea of the sort of area they shall be calling home as they study. Letter of admission, JW 202 form 2. MOST POPULAR COURSES Business, engineering or language. Chinese Language and Literature as your bachelor major.

More and more international students are interested in learning Chinese language. 2017-2018 Season Special Event Join us for a star-studded 50th Birthday Celebration! 2017-2018 Season CSC 50 Years A note from Artistic Director John Doyle. Sign up for news, invitations, and offers! All Rights Reserved — Classic Stage Company.

Just a Reminder Tomorrow, Thursday, March 22, 2018 Center for Sex and Culture will not be having library hours. Culture will open a solo exhibition, featuring the work of Bay Area-based artist Joseph Liatela curated by Dorothy R. Santos on January 12, 2018 and on view through February 16, 2018. With our quickly evolving lives inundated by mass media, the world remains a constricted and binary place steeped in white supremacy and gender-based violence. Through textile, installation, and video, Liatela presents materiality as a metaphor for the human body and skin in an ethereal manner harkening a delicate balance between body and mind. The show contains work from Liatela’s Surface Tension series, incorporates medical technology and procedures reminiscent of traditional artistic practices of stitching and sculpture. The delicate nature of the material also carries the moments and essence of a body in transition billowing the spaces it inhabits as a remnants and signs of life.

The use of sutures and organza provokes the viewer to look at, look through, and around the works simultaneously. Joseph Liatela is an independent multimedia artist based in Oakland, California working in printmaking, performance, and video. Santos is a Filipina American writer, editor, curator, and educator whose research interests include new media and digital art, activism, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. Her work appears in art21, Art Practical, Rhizome, Hyperallergic, Vice Motherboard, and SF MOMA’s Open Space. She has lectured at the De Young Museum, Stanford University, School of Visual Arts, and more.

The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture. Since 2006, we’ve been meeting on the fourth Wednesday of the month to share and celebrate the breadth of erotic artistry in the Bay Area! Come join readers and share your erotic writing! BART while daydreaming on your way to work. Folsom day is great fun for kinksters, exhibitionists, and newbies alike. But where to leave your street clothes when you hit Folsom Street in all your fetish-y finery? How about your precious toys, which you plan to use at a Fair afterparty?

We’re just a block and a half from the closest FSF entrances. HOW TO EAT PUSSY LIKE A CHAMP! At CSCWe all want to give and receive gratifying, bone-chilling sexual pleasure, but talking about sex can be awkward, sex education is woefully inadequate, and most porn does not depict realistic sexuality. What if two queer women debunked our accumulated myths and misconceptions and offered insider and outsider perspectives on champ-quality pussy eating? Ali and Mina are at your service! It is an incredibly impactful workshop for both beginners and experts alike! Participants must be 18 years of age or older.