Nearest computer repair

Please forward this nearest computer repair screen to sharedip-1071803219. Please forward this error screen to 166.

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-16015347231. CPR Cell Phone Repair offers a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and labor associated with your repair. If your repair fails due to a defective replacement part or workmanship associated with the repair, we will resolve the issue free of charge. While numerous improvements have been made, not even Apple can contest human error. While prices are contingent upon location, all CPR stores offer free diagnosis and estimates, as well as a limited lifetime warranty. Place a suction cup directly on the display, above the Home button and gently try to remove from the rear casing.

If necessary, use a wedging device to carefully break the seal of the adhesive and pry the display from the rear casing. Remove the four, tri-point screws to free the display plate. Use tweezers to lift the display plate away. Then, use your wedging or spudger tool to pop off the three LCD connecting cable strips. Unscrew two more tri-point screws at the top, right-hand corner that hold down your proximity sensor. Remove the plate over the proximity sensor reveal one more cable strip that, when disconnected, will free the front display from the back of the phone.

Remove the three Phillips-head screws from the bracket behind the ear speaker at the top of the display side. Pull back the camera to remove the two screws holding in the ear speaker assembly. Gently wiggle and pull up on the proximity sensor to remove it. At the bottom of the display side, locate the touch ID assembly. Unscrew the four tri-point screws holding down the bracket. Gently wiggle to remove touch ID, which will slide out the front.