Computer support specialist

The Coat of Arms of computer support specialist British Computer Society. The former logo of The British Computer Society. Sir Maurice Wilkes served as first President of BCS in 1957.

Information Technology, both in the United Kingdom and internationally. With a worldwide membership of over 82,000 members in over 100 countries, BCS is a registered charity and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1984. BCS is a member institution of Engineering Council, through which it is licensed to award the designation of Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Engineer and therefore is responsible for regulation of ICT and computer science fields within the UK. BCS has offices off the Strand in Southampton Street, south of Covent Garden in central London. BCS was formed a year later from the merger of the LCG and an unincorporated association of scientists into an unincorporated club. In 1966, the BCS was granted charitable status and in 1970, the BCS was given Armorial Bearings including the shield and crest.