Cheap laptop repair

The best cheap cheap laptop repair for 2018 Your guide to the latest and best budget laptops for 2018. Check out our latest reviews and buyer’s guide for the top cheap laptops for this year.

What’s the best cheap laptop you can buy in the UK? Your buying guide for the best budget laptops in 2018 Although we review many mid-range and high-end laptops, there are plenty of cheaper options. We review and rank them with the same care and attention so here you can find the best budget laptop for your needs. If your needs are basic, then almost any of the laptops below will be perfectly good.

They’ll all handle web browsing, office work, casual games and a bit of photo editing. Chances are you’re looking for a budget laptop for a specific task, whether that’s video editing, music production or even playing Minecraft and other games. There’s also a chance you’re looking for the best budget laptop with an SSD or with good battery life. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice certain aspects, such as screen quality – usually the first corner cut on a cheap laptop – then you might just find what you’re after.

What should I look for in a cheap laptop? Which specifications are important depends on what you want to do with your laptop. You may want lots of storage or you might need as much power for the money as possible. Screen Starting with the screen, you need to decide on a size. Most laptops will be 13- or 15in but you can also go smaller or larger if you want something even more portable or if it rarely needs to move. Remember that the size of the screen will have an impact on things like the weight of the laptop and other things like the keyboard and even how many ports and connections it can have.

It’s typical to find a budget laptop with an unexciting resolution of 1366×768 but if you can find higher then you’ll be much better off. Look for a matt finish which is preferable to a glossy screen that reflects like a mirror when it’s bright and sunny. Processor The processor is the heart of the computer and has a large impact on how fast it runs. You might well find many with an Intel Celeron or similar and these are to be avoided unless you will be simply browsing the web and sending emails. Ideally go for a Core i5 processor, but an i3 is a good compromise if everything else in the laptop is to your liking.